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HHC Green facility analysis seeks to identify and design appropriate alternative energy solutions for your existing or proposed physical plant. From the minimal to the comprehensive, HHC Green works with your ideas and visions to create a facility that maximizes utility and minimizes the use of non-renewable resources.

If you are planning a new facility, HHC Green can provide:

Design analysis to maximize building features for minimal energy use.

Alternative energy systems for power generation.

Geothermal HVAC configurations.

Integrated storm water solutions.

Green materials applications.

Green interiors analysis and design.

LEED Certification services.

Integrated PV roofing solutions.

Alternative energy solutions for specific process applications.

Coordinating grant and incentive programs.

If you have an existing facility, HHC Green can provide:

Energy Use Auditing.

Leed evaluation.

Retrofitting Storm water systems for collection and re-use.

Solar Power augmentation of, or replacement of existing on grid power source.

Solar powering of proposed remote additions such as irrigation pumps, out buildings etc.

Coordination and implementation of solar roof leasing scenarios and incentive programs.

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