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HHC Green was established by the principals of Horton, Harley & Carter, Architects, Inc. for the purpose of advancing green technologies into the framework of commercial business properties.

Utilizing the varied and diverse talents of HHC principals and staff, HHC Green seeks to establish viable and cost effective energy and resource conserving solutions to common commercial building situations.

Solar and wind technologies, water conserving strategies, materials applications, and other comprehensive programs for lower carbon footprint, energy independence, and generally less reliance on fossil fuel sources, are all at the root of HHC Green's motivations for advancing green technologies into the commercial building market.

HHC Green relies on a trusted and proven group of consultants and contractors to implement strategies for efficient resource utilization in commercial buildings. Clients can expect total “turn key” completion of the desired program, with HHC Green managing and coordinating the effort from initial imagination to final realization.

HHC Green is committed to, and is a participating member of, the LEED council, but is driven to implement far more active technological solutions to commercial buildings than LEED certification defines.

HHC Green was formed, and is devoted to, the concept of leveraging the large economies of scale inherent in its typical commercial projects into more energy and resource efficient structures, improving both the environmental impact of such structures, and the “bottom line” of their owners.

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